Samsung's Magazine UX May Be Causing Issues For Google



Google has been hard at work to bring users a more pure version of Android, even on all the OEM devices. The attempt is to distance Android from the idea of fragmentation in any way possible. That said, we have reported that in an effort to get there Google and Samsung have signed new cross-license patent agreements, and Google even sold Motorola Mobility. However, Samsung just didn't make it in time to avoid getting Google upset over new Magazine UX on their newly released tablets.


What is Magazine UX? Well we have reported that users will be stuck with it on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro devices. Magazine UX is similar to Windows Mobile, or even Blink Feed on HTC devices. It is a way for you to easily access things in a feed like manner on your tablet device. Much like how Blink Feed on HTC was in the beginning, Magazine UX, can not be removed, it must be present on at least one screen of your device. A Samsung spokesperson said, " It is built into the Pro series tablets. Users can add or delete Magazine UX and standard Android screens as they wish, but at least one Magazine UX screen must be present at all times." This is where Google may have a problem.

It wasn't too long ago that people were talking about Google selling Motorola Mobility, and soon before that, there was talk about Google and Samsung coming to an agreement. The sale of Motorola Mobility could be looked at as some sort of gesture to Samsung. Especially since Samsung seemed to have a huge problem with Google behind the wheel at Motorola.

In return, Google asked that Samsung bring a more pure Android experience to their users. So at CES 2014, when everyone saw the Magazine UX on Samsung tablets being released, Google wasn't too happy. Especially since it can not be removed, and can only be shrunk down to one screen. However, analysts are saying this may not be Samsung's fault. In fact, analyst Jack Narcotta says, "I'm not surprised the tablets are shipping with Magazine UX," continuing to say, "It's been in development for some time and was too far along to not be shipped with the devices announced…"


That said, it doesn't change how Google could feel about the decision to continue to use Magazine UX on Samsung tablets. At the moment Google hasn't made any official statements about the decision, though Narcotta says, "I can't imagine Google was pleased with what they saw on Samsung's tablets at CES, given that one of the major knocks on Android is it's fragmentation." Only time will tell if Samsung decides to continue to use Magazine UX on future devices. Maybe there could be a software update to get rid of Magazine UX. Worst case scenario, Magazine UX is stuck on all of those tablets and already built into devices without a possibility to remove it at all, ever. Do you think Samsung is going to keep up their end of the bargain made with Google? Or will they continue to try to separate from the pack?

Source: ComputerWorld

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