Samsung's Latest Patent Shows a Stylus with a built-in Microphone and Speaker

patent 2

We’re always seeing new patents come across the USPTO’s desk. And today there are a couple of new Samsung patents that have caught our eye. As both of these are probably relating to the S Pen of the future. Now the S Pen is probably the biggest reason everyone loves the Galaxy Note series and says that the other phablets out there don’t compare. Because let’s face it, aside from the S Pen, the Galaxy Note 3 has some great competition out there.

The latest patents show that the next S Pen could allow users to make phone calls and make different voice commands with the S Pen. Now we had heard that this might be possible soon, with the S Pen doubling as a Bluetooth headset, which would be pretty cool. Samsung is stating that this pen “functions as a substitute for a wireless headset” and it also allows the user “to mount the pen to a shirt pocket or anything else and communicate in a phone call using the portable terminal as a base.”

According to the patent images, in the gallery below, you’ll see that there is also an earpiece and a microphone, coupled by a transmitting/receiving module. The concept is quite similar to what ASUS did with the Padfone in 2012. It also looks like Samsung is looking to improve the grip mechanism of the S Pen as well. The second patent application shows a protruding grip, which automatically expands once the user draws the stylus from the device.

It’s quite possible that the next S Pen could include these features, especially since we still have roughly 6 months before the Galaxy Note 4 is announced, which will likely be at IFA in Berlin. But how many of you would use the S Pen for taking phone calls? Or give it voice commands? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.