Samsung To Work With Hyundai On Automotive Technology

Whether you like them or hate them, there is no denying that Samsung has had success with manufacturing smartphones.  The Samsung Electronic division is one of if not the largest chip vendors in the world, and they have announced that they will be focusing on designing logic chips for vehicles in the future.  A senior member of the Samsung research team has stated that "The automotive chip solution business is a blue ocean. As automotive chips, which will mostly be logic chips for controlling entire computing systems, require high-quality safety conditions, we can't push the business in a short time. But, with the help of Hyundai Motors, Samsung will cut its reliance on conventional memory chips."  What we see here is that Samsung will be working with Hyundai to provide automotive navigation and entertainment systems for their vehicles.  The first thing that they will be working on are smart keys that remotely allow for drivers to turn their cars on.  The next development they will be working on is something called 'Around View', which will give drivers a different viewing angle of the road ahead, allowing them to gauge incoming obstacles better.  Details about that project are not yet available.

As we enter the era of 'smart cars' (and no, I do not mean the eco-friendly kind), we will be seeing cars become even more technology-based than we ever have before.  With the movement to make more media-friendly vehicles, there is a clear need for reliable storage solutions for automobiles, which will skyrocket as time progresses.  Samsung themselves have said "Basically, supplying logic chips to major car companies is Samsung's long-term goal. But storage devices for cars are getting better, meaning that Samsung has more opportunities to sell embedded multi-media cards (eMMCs) and embedded multi-chip packages (eMCPs) to Hyundai vehicles based on the solid corporate partnership. Without the help of Hyundai, Samsung's automotive chip business won't grow."  This shows us that the two companies have intentions to work with each other, and hopefully they will continue to be a profitable and mutually beneficial alliance.  With Google's recent Open Automotive Alliance announcement, we can see that the automotive industry and the smart tech industry are slowly merging, and it looks like Samsung wants in, at least on the hardware side.  What do you think about this?  Let us know any thoughts or comments you have down below!

Source:  SamMobile

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