Samsung Will Debut Their Smart Media Networks at MWC 2014 in a Bid to Speed Up Content Delivery



With a lot of Mobile World Congress all crammed into just a couple of days next week, it's understandable that a lot of companies have been announcing things ahead of time. Such as Acer, who has just announced a new smartphone before the event starts in earnest. Now, it's Samsung's turn of sorts and the Korean giant is unveiling plans to launch an ambitious project at this year's Mobile World Congress, dubbed Smart Media Networks. As you might have guessed, this latest technology from Samsung has a lot to do with content delivery over wireless networks. In fact, it's Samsung's initiative to speed things up for end users through leveraging smaller networks all over the place.


Samsung's Smart Media Networks utilize the company's smart cache technology in order to speed things up on user's devices. By placing one of these cache servers at a mobile base station, content delivery is sped up considerably as some content is cached locally. Also, this is said to reduce the drain on backhaul networks. Also, Samsung is going to be providing mobile networks with analytic software, to better help them understand what users are looking at and give them an idea of what to change in order to improve performance. By working with Akamai Technologies, Samsung will be debuting these new initiatives as well as tools to help web pages load faster on mobile devices as well.

This sort of thing is going to be come a focus for Samsung moving forward, after all Samsung does ship more smartphones than anyone else. With mobile traffic only increasing at alarming rates, technologies like this might help our wireless networks better keep up with this unprecedented demand. While not terribly exciting for folks like us, who are always looking for the next best device, Smart Media Networks could make surfing the web on mobile much easier in the next couple of years.

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