Samsung Unveils Costs And Launch Dates For Galaxy Note Pro And Tab Pro


Yesterday we reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet was available for pre-order, at the hefty price of $850 from Office Depot and ahead of a February 13th launch date just in time for Valentine's Day. It appears that today that listing for the larger Pro Tablet's pre-order is now off the site and no longer seems to be available, however it is up for pre-order at a number of other listed retailers according to Samsung. The entire Pro series of devices has actually now been listed with pricing and availability, and all of the tablets are available for pre-order as of now. The only tablet that will not be available at launch on the 13th of this month though is the Note Pro 12.2, as that won't launch till sometime in March. As for where you can place your orders for these guys, you can purchase them from a number of places, including Samsung themselves. You can grab them at Newegg, TigerDirect, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, PC Richard and Sons, and of course Fry's Electronics.

As far as pricing goes for each device, they vary from a lower price of $399 to a high price of $850. If you're settled on this gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day, you can grab them the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 16GB version for just $399, if you want to upscale on size, next up is the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 for $499 for the 16GB model. After that you'll be looking at the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, which will cost you $650 for the 32GB model, and finally you can grab the Galaxy Note Pro for $749 for the 32GB model and $849 for the 64GB model.

That rounds out the devices that you can pre-order starting today at any of those online retailers, with all the devices launching the day before Valentine's Day except for the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Just as we stated yesterday, purchasing any of the Pro series hardware nets the buyer access to premium content for a period of time,(total bundle content is worth $800) and includes things like 50GB of Dropbox storage for a 2-year period, and even a sweet little $25 Play Store Gift Card. Those are some nice perks, and should help enhance the experience for anyone looking to buy one of these devices. The one question left remaining is, are the tablet prices worth what you're getting? Some would argue yes when you factor in the value of all the added bundle content. If you're someone who will be ordering one of these, let us know what you think.


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