Samsung to Rethink Pricing Strategy for Upcoming Galaxy Gear 2; Better Compete With the "iWatch"


For a while now, we've been hearing that Samsung has big things planned for its next Galaxy Gear, that they're to revamp the entire watch and produce something much better. It's safe to say that the Gear was unimpressive when it launched, a technical marvel lacked in software features we expected from a smartwatch, it fell short of the mark. Being only able to work with a handful of Samsung's own smartphones probably didn't help matters, but still it was Samsung's first try and it was a damn good one. Now though, they're looking to create something even better for this year, with word on the street being that they're going to rethink their pricing as well.

When the Gear launched, it wasn't exactly cheap and for a watch that only worked with a handful of devices and didn't even manage notifications that well, some thought it downright expensive. The watch recently got a price cut, but it's still pretty pricey. This has worried Samsung officials and according to reports coming out of Korea, Samsung is looking to change their strategy with the Galaxy Gear 2, in order to better compete with the iWatch. This mythical iWatch is still nothing but rumor at this stage, but with Tim Cook saying time-after-time that "new product categories" are coming from Apple, it looks like their smartwatch is headed to market this year. As such, Samsung is looking to undercut its rumored price of €299, which would certainly entice more customers.

According to reports, the Galaxy Gear 2 is set for an MWC reveal later this month, which wouldn't be surprising, but certainly a good move on Samsung's part. We're certain that this year's Mobile World Congress will be full of smartwatches and wearable technology, as such for Samsung to be the one company making the most noise it would definitely work in their favor. With a Galaxy Gear 2 not so far away, what would you like to see Samsung improve upon in the second generation?

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