Samsung plans to Tackle All Three Areas of Mobile Devices at Mobile World Congress


Everyone is waiting for Mobile World Congress to see some great devices be unleashed. Innovation will reign supreme, at least we hope it will, but some stuff that for the most part has been overlooked, until now, are the tablets and wearables. If you thought the time for tablets and wearables was at CES 2014, you may be wrong, according to sources in Korea, Samsung is planning to launch devices in all three categories at MWC 2014.

We saw some leaks earlier, that surrounded the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 series. We are expecting now, to see three different versions of the Galaxy Tab 4, and all have different specs. The big name being thrown in with the Tab 4 series, is Exynos by Samsung. Exynos is Samsung's own processing chips, and they are expected to make appearances on the new tablets. Along with the tablets, we already know there is the Samsung Galaxy S5 that may appear at MWC.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the 2014 flagship device for Samsung, and rumors are flying around about the device. TouchWiz is expected to be slimmed down, and made less apparent, fingerprint scanner, and so much more has been rumored, which we have covered almost every last one. We even have a segment on our Headlines Show, that rounds up all of the rumors, and we discuss the possibility of each one. Video plugged, now we move onto what is next for Samsung at MWC 2014, the infamous Galaxy Gear line.

That's right everyone, Samsung has yet to call the smart watch market quits, and hopefully this next attempt is more refined. If you remember last year, Samsung executives talked about how the first Galaxy Gear was basically a beta tester. Though, that could just be an excuse for how badly it did in the markets. The Galaxy Gear 2, hopefully has learned from the mistakes of the original. Rumors are scarce around the smart watch, though it is possibly going to have a flexible screen. The other plus side to the Galaxy Gear 2 would be a cheaper price bracket, and a redesigned look. The look would be contributed by the ability to use the flexible screen technology. Overall we would just have to wait and see what happens, at what was said to be a low-key event for Samsung. Though, it may not be as "low key" as we all thought it would be anyway.

What do you think about the Tab 4 line and the Galaxy Gear 2, excited for any of them? What do you want to see in a redesigned Galaxy Gear?

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