Samsung Partners With Swarovski to Bring a "Little" Bling to Your Galaxy Note 3



We all love accessories, right? No? Oh come on, we all love accessories for our Android devices and Samsung has been one of the few first-party manufacturers to get the whole accessory business right. With a wide range of accessories available for their own devices, Samsung have a great range of products on offer for the Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy S4 and even their lower-end products. Still though, it's nice to get some outside input and with their latest case for the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has partnered with Swarovski. Yes, Swarovski and no, this isn't the first time, either.


The covers have been produced in order to celebrate the Mecedes-Benz Fashion Week this year and, as you're probably thinking, these covers aren't going to be cheap. In the press release, Samsung had this to say concerning the new covers: "Bundled with a sparkling bracelet, the custom Galaxy Note 3 cover is covered in exquisite Swarovski Fine Crystal Rocks and available in three colors -Jet (black), a custom blend of Crystal Bermuda Blue and Crystal Metallic Light Gold, and Crystal Metallic Silver.  The bracelet and cover bundle will be available for purchase at the Swarovski retail store at 696 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York for a limited time and will retail for $299". Bermuda Blue sounds like our favorite here at Android Headlines, but we're not quite sure $299 is the right price for such a thing. Still, these would make a super-sweet Valentine's Day gift, if you know what I'm saying fellas'.

The accessory business is huge and while there are different colors available of most phones these days, it seems we'd much rather buy a case or cover and then rotate throughout them. Samsung might have recently launched the Rose Gold edition of the Note 3, but these certainly look the part and even though they're not to everyone's taste, they'll certainly bring a certain look to your Galaxy Note 3. Even if you were in New York this time of year, would you pay 300 bucks for an accessory like this? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Samsung Mobile

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