Samsung To Open 15 Retail Stores Operated By P4U In The UK

Long live the queen, or in this case, Long live Samsung. The korean giant is apparently teaming up with UK retailer Phones4U to launch 15 stores across the nation sometime in the near future. The brick and mortar Samsung stores will be operated by and staffed by Phones4U employees, and have a focus on all things Samsung from Smartphones to Tablets, to Wearable tech like the Samsung Galaxy Gear and any other upcoming wearable devices. Samsung stand alone stores put the manufacturer one step closer to looking and operating a little more like Apple, and providing even more ways for you to get your Samsung fix. If you live in the UK, you could eventually be walking down the street and see a Samsung store open up in your neighborhood.

Phones4U isn't the only retailer to partner up with Samsung, and this also isn't the only time that Samsung and Phones4U have teamed up. Prior to the announcement to these 15 new standalone retail shops, Phones4U and Sammy had partnered together to build stores within actual Phones4U retail stores. Competing phone retailer Carphone Warehouse also has a deal going with Samsung that promises to see 60 standalone Samsung stores open up across Europe, bringing the Carphone Warehouse operated Samsung shops to seven different counties in the region. Someday we might see Samsung stores open up in the U.S. if these locations do well. Just imagine seeing a Samsung store open up in your city that is operated by either Best Buy or Car Toys employees.

There isn't any word on when these stores will be opening up, but since the announcement was just made to turn the idea of these retail outlets into a reality, we can speculate that it won't be for some time. This move from Samsung looks to further solidify itself as a leading manufacturer of smart devices, not that they needed the help at all, but this proves that they want to do whatever they can to remain as one of the top brands. With the amount of money they already spend on advertising, these stores could make it possible to reach a wider audience, or make it easier for consumers who are looking for only Samsung products to find what they need.


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