Samsung May Release a Premium Substitute For The Galaxy S5

When it comes to smartphones, there are basically three levels a device will fall under. High end, mid-range and low-end devices. Samsung has had some flack recently with consumers focused on high-end devices. However, Samsung may be listening to that focus group, and may be releasing a device that will please that market.

Each type of device has a certain market they reach for, take high-end devices. These devices are usually flagship devices, that not only use top of the line technology but also premium materials for the design builds. We think you know where we are going with this, the Samsung Galaxy S5, left those looking for a high-end device, still wanting something, metal. Most high-end devices like those coming from HTC, who has always prided themselves on their high-end devices, use metal.

An all metal device, just gives everyone a better feel when spending those big dollars on a device that packs the best. Samsung decided to use plastic on the newest flagship device, but the reason behind that may be the demand. Pulling out the numbers isn't really necessary since most people know, Samsung is the number one Android device manufacturer. That title comes with a lot of responsibility though, responsibility to produce enough devices to meet the demands of the consumers.

In an attempt to possibly create a new high-end device, and after the demands for the new flagship have been met, Samsung may be releasing a new line of devices. Those devices are suspected to be called the "Samsung F" series. These devices possibly could be released sometime between the release of the S5 and the new Samsung Note device. The reason behind this could be either, Samsung wants to wait until the demand for a new smart phone is low enough that they have no problem meeting the manufacturing aspect of an all metal device. The other reason it could be, is to stay relevant throughout a full year. Either way, we are sure everyone would love to see an all metal Samsung device.

The suspected device, will presumably have similar specs to the S5, though if it is launched later in the year, there may be a possibility there will be a SnapDragon 805 chip inside. Also there is already talk of a 16 MP camera and a QHD display. Other than that, with a quieter time of launch, Samsung could test out other innovations as well on the general public.

Now your turn, tell us, what do you think of a possible Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium device being launched around August or September? Do you think it is the right move by Samsung, or should they just have built the S5 out of metal?

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