Samsung Gets Massive Order from the US Military, Puts Galaxy Note II On the Battlefield

It's no secret that Samsung is doing great right now, shipping more Android smartphones than anyone else. Well, it seems that the consumer market isn't the only one that Samsung is going after, with the US Military looking to Samsung to provide their soldiers with Samsung hardware. Recently, the US Army has placed another order with the Korean manufacturer for 7,000 more units of the Nett Warrior. The Nett Warrior is essentially a Galaxy Note II that's placed on a soldier's body and in fact, the US Military have been using them for some time already now. There's also word that Samsung might be providing several thousand more devices to the NSA as well, which we're no doubt Samsung will just love to do.

This is something of a big deal when it comes to Samsung devices, selling hardware to the US Military and the corporate sector has traditionally been the business of BlackBerry and other industry stalwarts. Of course, with the Canadian company's waning popularity, it's no surprise to see Samsung - or anyone else for that matter - take some of BlackBerry's business off of them. Still, Samsung have made some great progress when it comes to building secure devices, with their KNOX suite apparently appealing to those in need of something secure and professional. We're hearing more and more companies are turning to Samsung for mobile solutions and with tablet offerings like the Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro lines, it's understandable why Samsung are seeing success in these new areas.

For Samsung to sell devices to the US Military goes to show that Samsung are no longer being considered as yet another phone manufacturer, and more like a company that can be depended upon. Which is no doubt as a result of their incredible capacity to supply such large numbers of devices, something like that only comes from building devices yourself. Something Apple, Motorola, HTC et al can't match on the same scale.

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