Did the Samsung Galaxy S5 Just Surface on AnTuTu with a 16MP Camera and 1080p Display?

February 7, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

February 24th just can’t come soon enough. We know that Samsung is looking to announce the Galaxy S5 at their Unpacked event on February 24th, which is the day that Mobile World Congress kicks off. So now we are seeing all kinds of potential leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S5. We’ve heard all kinds of rumors about the specs, and we’ve also heard The New York Times state that the Galaxy S5 isn’t coming with a QHD display, or an iris reader. However if this benchmark entry in AnTuTu is correct, we may be looking at a Snapdragon 800 powering the Galaxy S5 along with a 1080p display and 16MP camera.

Before we jump to far into this, let’s talk about benchmarks. These are really easy to fake. We’ve seen a number of fakes in the past, so it’s possible that this is also fake. So we urge everyone to take this with a grain of salt. A very heavy grain of salt.

According to this benchmark entry on AnTuTu, it appears that this variant of the Galaxy S5 (if that’s indeed what this device is), is sporting a Snapdragon 800 CPU which is more likely than the rumored Snapdragon 805, since that one won’t be ready until later this year. Additionally it tells us that the display is a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Other specs include 2GB of RAM (which seems odd since the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and the Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO tablets all have 3GB of RAM). There’s also a 15.9MP camera, which Samsung will probably market as a 16MP camera on the back, along with a 2.1MP front-facing shooter. It’s also running Android 4.4.2, which isn’t really a surprise, but it is nice to see that on the Galaxy S5. Finally, it appeared to score in the 35 thousands. Which is slightly higher than the Galaxy Note 3 and Xperia Z Ultra. Now I know Samsung does “cheat” on benchmarks, but who really cares? I’m more interested in the real world experience than I am benchmarks, what about the rest of you?