Samsung Galaxy Gear on Sale for $149.99 at Best Buy for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

So you’re looking for that perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant other but aren’t quite sure what to get? What if a certain smartwatch from the biggest Android vendor out there was on sale for half off, would you consider that? That’s apparently what Best Buy and Samsung are hoping today, as the Galaxy Gear is on sale right now for half off; that’s $149.99 just in case you were wondering. The sale covers most of the colors available for the Galaxy Gear including Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold and Lime Green. The Mocha Grey and Jet Black colors are also on sale for only for $50 off, which makes them $249.99. We’re not sure why only some of the colors are on sale for more than others, other than maybe to get rid of extra stock that isn’t selling well. It’s no secret that Samsung has been trying to figure out a better pricing strategy for the next Galaxy Gear watch, and there’s even the possibility of it being announced with the Galaxy S5 at the Unpacked 5 event on February 24th. Even so it’s not likely to be quite this cheap, so this is a deal to remember for quite some time.

Back in November we saw that Samsung sold nearly 1 million Galaxy Gear smartwatches, and for pretty good reason. While the original $299 price tag was a little high for many people, the watch itself is a pretty sweet piece of technology if we do say so ourselves. Samsung has improved the watch considerably since we reviewed it and has updated a number of features that were lacking or even irksome in some cases. Samsung has also updated a number of their other flagship phones including the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 to include Galaxy Gear compatibility, so you now longer just have to have the Galaxy Note 3 to use Samsung’s first smartwatch. Samsung has added a number of apps to the list of officially available ones, and there’s also plenty of mods available in places like XDA Developers for those interested in doing such a thing with their shiny new smartwatch. After all the device still runs Android, and I would venture to say most people reading this have probably tinkered with mods on at least one of their devices before. If you’re interested be sure to bite on the sale, as there’s no telling if this is just a one-day sale or until Best Buy runs out of stock.