Samsung and CellTrust Pair Up and Use Galaxy Smartphones and Gear to Replace Hospital Pagers


It looks like Samsung is looking to help out in the medical field. Samsung and CellTrust, a company that deals with messaging security, have paired up to bring some fascinating updates to the medical field using Galaxy phones and smartwatches. This new addition to the medical professional's existing smartphone will help get the word out about emergencies faster so that more lives can be saved.

The product is named PULSE. It gets rid of the need for medical professionals to use multiple devices. Now these professionals can use their existing Samsung smartphone to receive notifications and alerts. With PULSE, a doctor or nurse can receive messages within seconds, whereas messages previously took up to seven minutes to be received. The delivery of the message and the read status is trackable. Another very useful feature is that the doctor or nurse can put their phone on silent, and when they get a message from PULSE, the volume setting is overridden so that they will wake up. The Samsung Gear also works for requesting more data about patients while on the go. Also, while using PULSE, medical professionals can share statuses about where they are, and what they are doing at that moment. This could be extremely useful in the event that the doctor needs to notify people that they are currently en route to the hospital.


Data is secured and encrypted, and everything about PULSE is validated, from the user to the SIM card. It also meets all the HIPAA requirements. PULSE works alongside the existing smartphone, much like Samsung's Knox. This works out well for medical professionals, because they no longer need to carry around their cell phones, pagers and other communication equipment that was previously required at the hospital. With the addition to PULSE on Samsung devices, doctors and nurses can do their job much more efficiently.

Currently, PULSE is supported on the Galaxy S 4, Note and Rugby Pro, as well as the Galaxy Gear. Hopefully more manufacturers support this technology in the future. CellTrust has also released a promotional video that shows some examples of what PULSE can do.

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