Samsung Asks 2014 Winter Sochi Athletes To Cover Their Apple Logos


We all have that friend that we can ask for a favor, and they will help us. Then there are those you wouldn't dare ask a favor from, mostly because that friend will ask for something in return. Have we introduced you to our friend Samsung? Meet Samsung, more specifically, meet them at the olympics where they are giving the contenders a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for free. Oh but there is a catch, no Apple logos anywhere during the opening ceremonies. We are not saying that this bugs us too much, and no Apple logos during the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics isn't that big of a deal. However it may be to some people, like the Swiss Olympic team. They were the ones who broke word that Samsung has asked them not to sport any Apple logo. In fact, Samsung went as far as to ask them to cover up the logo, if they absolutely have to use their Apple product during the opening ceremonies.

So when the athletes attending the games received a promotional kit from Samsung, they were happy to find a Note 3 in the kit. They just might not have expected that it was somewhat of a bribe. Seeing as how only the athletes are being asked to hide their Apple logo's. This isn't something that is completely unusual for a company to do. It is simply a marketing ploy, used by many companies in all venues. Go to a movie and see Coca-Cola everywhere with absolutely no reference to Pepsi, same goes for sporting events or concerts. The difference is, we don't get free soda.

Samsung even has a group of athletes that they have dubbed the "Galaxy Team,"  who will be using their Note 3 to share their experience every step of the way. The Note 3 seems to be what Samsung is really pushing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Since Samsung is an official Olympics sponsor, there is already the understanding that athletes are not allowed to advertise for anyone else. So Samsung's request is essentially to prevent subliminal advertising. Surely some of those athletes own an iPhone that they just can't use now if they follow Samsung's request. So be sure to pay attention to see if Samsung's request gets fulfilled during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Do you think this is too much to ask for or is this a fair request from Samsung?

Source: SlashGear

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