Samsung Accounts for 56% of Android Use in Enterprise



When it comes to smartphones in the business world, Android isn't the most represented platform in offices across the globe and that's perhaps for good reason, after all Google has only really started to pay attention to security in these last few builds of Android. Now that things have settled down inside of Android, and since version 4.0.3, security has been steadily rising and has now become easily good enough for the business sector, it's time for Android to move in. Samsung appears to be leading the pack however, thanks to KNOX and such, but recent findings hold some interesting figures.


A recent survey from Fiberlink, of 250,000 devices found that 56% of those are Samsung devices. With 22% of them being Motorola devices (the majority being DROID RAZR Ms) and 8% belonging to HTC (with the Incredible 2 being the most common). What about all those other Android OEMs? Well, they account for less than 2%, with Google's Nexus 4 being the most common in that small group. Unsurprisingly though, the Galaxy S III is the most common Samsung product used in enterprise, a device that didn't launch with Samsung's KNOX initiative and is by now, a little out of date.

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, initiatives have been at work in business for some time now, but it is surprising to see so many users relying on a Samsung device as their primary one. However, Samsung is one of the few manufacturers to court enterprise customers through the likes of KNOX and the promise of better security right out of the box. The company is getting ready to unleash KNOX 2.0 onto the market soon, and we're sure that Samsung's lead in businesses will only continue. The Galaxy S5 might not be what consumers were looking for, but the fingerprint sensor included will definitely appeal to business users, and those that want to keep files secure on the go. Still though, with the likes of the Blackphone and the new device from Boeing, secure Android phones are beginning to become a thing altogether.

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