Sailfish OS Commercially Ready, Android Launcher And Angry Birds Jolla Cover Along For The Ride

If you've been keen on trying out the new Sailfish OS coming from former Nokia employees at Jolla, it looks like you'll soon get your chance to do so through a launcher that mimics the Sailfish OS. Doing this would give the user a good look at what to expect from the actual Jolla phone itself running a full fledged version of Sailfish. Jolla says that they have been working tirelessly to provide users with an experience that is distinct, in hopes to pull away some consumers from the Android nation. Now that version 1.0 is ready for primetime, perhaps we'll have to get some hands on time with the software ourselves.

One of the great things about Sailfish is that it can run Android apps, so if you're in love with a few of the apps that you use on a current Android device and are reluctant to give them up, the good news is that you shouldn't have to. In spite of this though, Jolla has mentioned that there are already some of the more major social media apps available and native to the Sailfish OS, so you can have a truly native experience with apps like Facebook, and now Facebook owned Whatsapp, Foursquare, and Twitter. This is all thanks to developers in the Sailfish community that are fond of the OS that Finnish company Jolla has brought forward. The Jolla phone is already out and available for purchase, but it doesn't quite come cheap at €399.00 ($540) which doesn't include shipping. Considering the devices not so high end specs we're not sure the price warrants what you get, but some of us are certainly eager to test Sailfish out.

Sailfish offers a different enough interface from android that one can feel like they're trying something new, but it does have it's similarities which might make such a transition between OS's easier. One of the cooler features we've come to learn about the Sailfish OS and the Jolla phone that runs it, is the way that Jolla has interconnected the phones backplate to work with the OS. Jolla calls this piece of the phones hardware "the other half", and what the back cover does is give your Jolla phone its own unique flare, but also can customize the OS in certain ways. The pairing between Jolla and fellow Finnish company Rovio is a great example of how this works. The two companies paired together to make an Angry Birds backplate cover available for sale for the Jolla phone later this summer, that customizes the back of your of phone with the iconic "red bird", but also gives your phone unique custom Angry birds features including ringtones, UI sound effects, and wallpapers, among other things. The Sailfish OS is certainly something different, but its shaping up to be a rather coll mobile OS.

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