Retro Game Of The Week: Only One

Do you dream of being a powerful warrior with sword skills and brutal might? If you fancy Highlander and retro 8 bit games than Only One might be just what you need to fill up the rest of your weekend. If you live here in the northwest, than this game might help you ride out the snow storm and ease the boredom of being stuck inside. Only One is a retro hack and slash type game where you stand atop a high pillar in the sky, and have to fend off waves of enemies who seek to throw you off the tower. There can be only one, will it be you? Utilize masterful sword skills and brutal combat to hack your enemies to death. Level up your character and perfect your swordsmanship, broaden your skills and perform new feats of strength to dispatch your foes.

The goal is simple in this game, be the only one left alive. You'll have to withstand an onslaught of enemies spread out over waves of attacks. Every 10 waves you'll encounter a boss battle that will surely test your might to see if you're really deserving of being the only one left alive. You'll have to use cunning and might to overcome the bosses, oh... and sword skills. Did I mention it's a magical sword? Sometimes enemies will be harder to attack with normal slashes, but you need not fear as you can simply shove them off the edge of the pillar and they'll plummet to their death like the weaklings they are.

There's over 70 levels of pain to be dealt out(make sure you're the one dealing the pain), and upon claiming dominance during and at the end of each round you can grab all the loot you can muster, or conceivably all the loot your tiny pixelated hands can carry. Just be aware that if you shove enemies off the ledge there's no loot to be had, unless you plan on trying to dive down after it. Steel yourself against the hardest of enemies, and beat back waves of archers, slimes, wizards, loot gnomes, and berserkers to prepare yourself for boss fights. Watch out for the giant fist that comes barreling down from the sky above to smash you where you stand. If you also value your high score, make sure to stay alive, as the score resets whenever you die, naturally. Only One is Free in the Play Store, and there are a few IAP but they are completely avoidable.

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