Block The View Of Plot Spoilers With The Spoiler Shield App

We all know the type. Those pesky jerks that for some odd reason just have to post spoilers up on the web, that could potentially ruin every single plot point that's important to the suspense and surprise of your favorite tv shows, movies, or sporting events. The last thing you want is to be browsing through your social media feeds and suddenly find out suspenseful details regarding the Stark Family in Game Of Thrones. Since you can't really give the people that spoil important plot points a proper Game of Thrones style response to a crime of this magnitude, there's really only a couple things you can do. You can block them for next time so this doesn't happen again, but that doesn't solve the issue of what's already been ruined. The other option is to stay away from social media altogether around the times that new episodes or new movies you're deeply interested in come out, so you don't run the risk of stumbling across some fools terrible joke of posting the spoilers. But, what if you're like 7 weeks behind in your current favorite show? Are you just going to stay off your social media feeds until you get caught up? Thankfully, if you typically browse your social feeds from your Android device, now there's another way. It's through an app called Spoiler Shield.

We'll let you take a wild guess as to what this app accomplishes for you as it's pretty self explanatory, but for those who might not have guessed, it attempts to block any sort of unwanted spoilers that could potentially pop up in your social feeds, thus protecting you from having shows, movies and the like ruined for you. The app is free, which is a win in our book. Spoiler Shield helps to block your view of content that looks to contain any information about your favorite TV Shows or Sporting Events, and integrates feeds from both Facebook and Twitter. What, no Google+? Hopefully it's coming. Sadly, the app also has no support for movies, and it also looks to only support TV Shows and Sporting Events within the U.S. Sorry Tom Dawson. While it's great that the app blocks all incoming potential spoilers on the feeds, you have the opportunity to perform a double tap on the shielded content and thus revealing what information is in the post underneath. Sounds pretty cool right? We thought so too. If you want to grab this app for yourself, you can head over to the Play Store to install. Enjoy the video demo below as well, if you want to see how things work before you grab the app.

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