What Percentage Of Your Smartphone Does The Screen Actually Take Up?

When it comes to phone displays, bigger seems to be better for most of us. The attraction of bigger screens is all too enticing yet sometimes we struggle with how to fit our monstrous phones in our pockets. Or is that just me? It used to be a sought after feature to have the smallest phone possible, and now we're swinging back in the other direction. Instead of having smaller displays, things have shifted to the desire of having smaller and smaller bezels, allowing for bigger screens and more usable screen space for UI interaction. Just how much of your phone is actually the screen though? Phones are always listed as having a certain size display but when you factor in the bezels things could shape up to be a tad bit different than we imagine. To see just how much of the phone screen we actually get for use, the folks over at the @somospostpc twitter account worked up some percentages of some of today's most popular devices, along with some older ones.

The chart that was mocked up by @smospostpc gives us a look at the percentage of the screen to bezel ratio for various devices. We can see that the LG G2 comes out ahead of the rest with 75.7% of the screen actually being the screen, while a phone like Apple's iPhone 3GS brings up the rear of the chart with barely over half of the display being the screen, marked at 50.8%. Other phones like the Galaxy Note 3 and The Moto X have screens that account for 74.6% and 72% respectively, while the Galaxy Note 2,(a phone with a bigger display than the Moto X) only has a screen that accounts for 68.4%. This leads us to the position of the bezel on the phones and that it has more of an effect than people might realize. This is especially true when you look at devices that have larger displays like the Note 2 phablet, which has less screen space percentage wise then phones with smaller displays. While the possibility of having a phone with no bezel at all(like reports are suggesting for the Galaxy S 5)remains in question, manufacturers are trying to make the bezels as small as they can. This trend continues with future devices as it likely will for some time. Do you think it will be possible to get a phone that has a screen that is actually 80% screen or higher?

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