PasswordBox's 1-Tap Provides Instant Log-On To Any of Your Websites

If you are like most people, you log in to multiple websites and with the chance of cyber-theft on the rise hackers seem to be able to get into any system, with or without your password.  There are Apps that you can download to your smartphone to store your sign-ins in a secure fashion, however, you have to open these programs up with a secure password and simply view a list of your websites, credit cards, organizations, etc., remember both you username and password, then go back to the site to log in.

This can get pretty hectic when you have a username and password for - Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, one or two email's, SMS, multiple websites, your bank account, one for each credit card, Netflix, Pandora, the internet and more. That is a lot of information that no one person could possibly be expected to remember and even with programs like mSecure, that allow you to store all of that pesky and important information, you still must look it up on the storage program and then re-enter it back at the site.

Enter PasswordBox with 1-Tap - Winner of the Best App at CES 2014 and it is free for up to 25 passwords and if you want the unlimited version, you can get that through an auto-renewing subscription for $11.99 per year.  PasswordBox's 1-Tap's patent pending technology is the only password manager that can log users into third-party apps and into websites on your mobile phone via the default browser, and passwords are encrypted with AES-256, the strongest grade of encryption available. Daniel Robichaud, CEO of PasswordBox said:

"With bio-metric technology on the rise, PasswordBox is ready to bridge the gap between those advancements and all of the software and websites we use on a daily basis. As a neutral party, we're the only solution that works across devices, platforms and mobile applications...1-Tap is like a personal assistant and gateway key giving users instant access to everything on their mobile devices, it's like a fast-pass to all your digital objectives. It's also the first tool ever that's able to work across multiple platforms."

PasswordBox's 1-Tap technology helps solve the most common frustrations signing in with a mobile device.  The press release gives some examples of the frustrations you might have - When your device automatically logs you out of an app and you can't remember the password or when you change your password on a Website and your app requests the new password.  How about when browsing the web on your phone and you land on a site that requires log in information or when you get a new mobile device and need to log into all your apps. Most importantly, when you want to use strong passwords to keep your personal data secure, but fear not being able to remember them when you need them most.

1-Tap is the newest PasswordBox feature that already handles digital death management, called Legacy Locker, that allows you to designate someone else to have access to your account should you pass away - a great problem if all of your accounts are password protected - how could your loved ones access that information.  PasswordBox also has features built-in to it for small business.  You owe it to yourself to give it a try - remember it is free for up to 25 passwords. Take a quick look at the video below:

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