Oppo Mocks Samsung With Latest Teaser Image

It seems that after the unveiling of Samsung's latest flagship device, that it has less then a stellar effect on people's need to have the hottest new device. Other device manufacturers have caught on to this, and have stared to openly mock Samsung with teaser images. Nokia and HTC have both openly mocked Samsung soon after the S5 announcement at MWC, and now Oppo has jumped in to offer up their two cents. HTC's light ribbing was rather clever, stating simply that "buyers remorse would soon be coming to Galaxy S5 owners". Oppo however comes right out and says that their newest flagship to come, the Find 7, is flat out greater than the Galaxy S 5.

The actual teaser images, which came out yesterday, both portray different things. The first one is the image that Oppo uses to tease Samsung about their latest phone, and how it's apparently inferior. The image is simply a depiction of the number 7 with the mathematical symbol for "greater than" next to it, and the number 5 on the other end of the symbol in Samsung's trademark familiar Galaxy font. Oppo obviously believes that their Find 7 is truly greater than the Galaxy S 5, and there was no better way to put it than with a simple mathematical truth. Think about it, 7>5 is a completely true statement in its own right, but it can still provide a meaning to which Oppo wants to use to describe their feelings about their Find 7 VS the S5.

Whether the Find 7 will actually end up being superior to the S 5 will have to wait until both phones are actually released, but at least on paper, the Find 7 looks to be a worthy competitor. Its said to sport the same exact processor that will be powering the Samsung Galaxy S 5,(the Snapdragon 801) and it comes in both a 1080P and a 2K variant, which would give consumer choice to have a lower as opposed to a higher res screen. It's also rumored to have a 13MP camera which is less than 16MP on the Galaxy S5 but we all know MP don't mean everything. Whether or not both versions will carry the Snapdragon 801 is still unconfirmed. We also know according to Oppo's second teaser image that the device will have expandable storage through the microSD card slot, which is good because it offers the option of more storage space to the user. Regardless of which phone ends up the better of the two, both are going to be exciting devices to see in action. We for one hope to get our hands on both. 

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