Obinova Presents The Invisible Gamepad, A Touchscreen Applicable Gaming Controller For Just $12

If you play games on your mobile device, then you're probably familiar with the sometimes cumbersome and annoying touch screen controls that come along with some of today's hottest games. Not all games come brandishing this negative feature, but a good number of them do and it serves as one of the reasons why some people choose not to play games on their devices. This is one of the reasons that gamepads for phones and tablets have become so popular. Because they provide an alternative to the on screen controls that so many people hate. I use the word hate, because this is the word that i see people use to describe their feelings of touch screen controls in the game comments on the Play Store. So now that we know the solution to touch screen controls if you don't care for them, the question remains, which gamepad is the right gamepad for you. Obinova thinks they have an answer for you with the Invisible Gamepad.

To start off, this isn't your traditional gamepad. It doesn't have the trigger and bumper buttons one might be used to, and the D-pad/joystick combination is less physical than on something like the MOGA. That's because with the Invisible Gamepad essentially what you're getting is a set of simple transparent screen overlays, that you place over the top of the on screen buttons. According to the video that we've added, the demonstration describes these controls as having tactile feedback, because you can feel raised edges of the film that is placed over the buttons. When you purchase a set of these it comes with a decent amount of various gamepad types, including D-pads, small buttons and larger circles that are meant to act as the joysticks for games like Shadowgun Deadzone or Deus Ex: The Fall. There's also a microfiber cleaning cloth included so you can remove the gamepads, wipe them down to a nice clean state, and reuse them later if you have to. The idea is that you can take these on and off anytime you need, so you can play games with them but take them off afterwards for normal use. You are however advised that leaving them on is OK, and that it shouldn't interrupt how you would normally use your device. That last bit might depend on how annoyed you get with little things like that, but should you decide that you don't want to leave these all on the time that's OK. Because you can simply remove, clean and reuse them.

So are these gamepads for you? Chances are that if you already own a MOGA or some other comparable gamepad, the answer will be no most likely. If however you are on the hunt for a controller to use with your mobile games, than you might want to give these a look. Being a hardcore gamer and having used similar products to this in the past, they actually work pretty well and they certainly cost a lot less than a MOGA Power Pro. You can pick them up for just $12 on Amazon, and for that price plus the added benefit of always having a gamepad like experience with you in the most portable package possible, the Invisible Gamepad is definitely worth it.

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