The Note Pro Tablet Goes Live Just In Time For Valentines Day; Buy One For $850 On The 13th

Good news Samsung fans, and romantics, (although we're not sure how romantic a tablet gift is) Samsung's high end and high priced Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet goes live for purchase this month, February 13th to be exact. That's just in time for those of you that were eyeballing this as the perfect gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day. Although, like fine jewelry this gift doesn't come cheap. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro will cost you a total of $850 if you were planning on picking one of these up. If you're OK with spending that amount, you can head over to the Office Depot website where the tablets are available for pre-order, and if you buy one now they will supposedly arrive just in time for you to gift wrap them for Feb. 14th. Although it might be a good idea to have a backup plan for a gift just in case, cause who knows how long stock will last.

The Note Pro comes with a humongous 12.2 inch display, so if you weren't content with having a tablet screen the size of 10.1 inches, you can satisfy your need to have an ever larger Tablet screen with the Note Pro 12.2. Along with the bigger screen size, the tablet comes with the brand new "Magazine UI" that Samsung was toting at CES, along with a storage space of 64GB with added optional storage via the MicroSD card slot. You're fortunately looking at Android KitKat with this device, so there's no older versions of the OS here. If you're someone that likes taking pictures with your tablet camera, although they're rather oblong and weird to hold for this sort of thing, the Note Pro 12.2 comes with an 8MP shooter on the back. The front facing camera weighs in at 2MP so video chat will be decent enough.

Don't be worried about battery life with this monster, as it supports an equally massive battery with 9,500mAh of power to last those long meetings and work days. Or whatever is you plan on doing with this thing. You'll also get access to the free premium apps with the high price tag. The tablet should be powerful enough to handle anything you do, thanks to the Snapdragon 800 processor inside. Although real world performance on a user level could vary for you. So, who's looking to spend almost an extra thousand bucks this Valentine's Day? Nothing says I love you like a Note Pro 12.2 right? Maybe you could even power it on and write "Be Mine" on the screen in a Note for that added effect of awesome for the person who's opening the gift. You're welcome for that idea by the way.

Source: Android Authority

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