Nokia X A110, AKA the Normandy Gets Priced…in Vietnam


It's widely considered that later this month, Nokia is finally going to be announcing their Android phone, the Nokia X, or the Normandy as it's also been know. While there's nothing to suggest that's the case coming from Nokia, all of the leaks are point to a complete device ready to hit shelves. Now, the device has been priced and listed for sale, in Vietname. Which it's all that reassuring, but the Normandy is definitely a device aimed at emerging markets. The device has also been given a device suffix, bringing the tentative title up to Nokia X A110.

The device is listed to cost somewhere in the region of 2.3 Million VND, which works out at roughly $105 US or thereabouts. That's not a bad price for any smartphone, especially coming from Nokia, but then again the Moto G can be had for $180 outright and is an altogether much better device. That price of $105 US is just a straight conversion, and shouldn't be taken as a fact, besides the Nokia X is probably never coming to US shores, and was probably never meant to. With mid-range devices for emerging markets becoming more and more popular, the competition is heating up and it's pretty clear that in the face of devices like the Moto G, Nokia's Asha line just can't keep up.


With Android 4.4, the Nokia X would most likely end up being a much better device than anything in the Asha range, but we suppose that depends on just what the Finnish maker has done to Android. That, and how well Android KitKat really runs on just 512MB of RAM. The Normandy has been leaked a number of times now, and whether Microsoft like it or not it looks like it's heading to shelves worldwide very soon. With a 4-inch 854 x 480 display, a dual-core Snapdragon 200 and just 512MB of RAM, we doubt even Windows Phone has much to worry about.

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