Nokia Treasure Map Teaser Leaves People Guessing

In what has to be the most odd teaser out of any we have seen so far for upcoming devices of any OEM, Nokia seems to be teasing their userbase and fans with a set of peculiar images that may or may not point to anything in particular. None are really easy to figure out, if there's really anything to figure out in the first place, but the second image at least gives a hint that it's pointing to the Nokia X. In the teaser image you see a picture of a tree with a DNA strand depicted as the roots for the tree. Perhaps the tree represents Nokia's growth as a company going forward, with the roots being the foundation of what they might build there future handsets around? If you take a closer look at the DNA strand you'll see that midway through it Nokia has outlined the letter "X" in green, which might serve to place the Nokia X as the roots of Nokia's future handset life. These are all just speculations but it was hard to repress my imaginative mind from coming up with such ideas.

The third image is quite interesting because it looks like a hand painted image of a treasure map, with the statement from Nokia that basically says "what's hidden under the tree?" followed up by "let's find out together on Feb. 24th". It's an obvious note to get people excited and wondering about what Nokia has planned for the event, and it certainly does a good job of doing so in as cryptic a way as possible. We're not really sure what's hidden under the tree but we sure do want to know, Nokia. We won't have to wait long as Mobile World Congress is slated to start just under a week. Perhaps the weirdest image of the three though is the first one you see in the gallery below, which is just a picture of two monkeys and a tree. To be more precise, the picture shows whats looks like a kid in a "monkey suit" that's in the tree, and what looks to be a real monkey on the ground next to the tree. What do you all make of this? Do you have any speculations as to what these pictures from Nokia could mean? Do they really mean anything or were they just a kooky way for Nokia to get people thinking and peak their interest?

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