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Rumors and speculation are fun.  That's why we do them.  It's just fun to think of what your ideal smartphone would have, and then share it with the public along with your opinion of how they are going to look.  91mobiles has done exactly this with their rendition of what the next Nexus phone, which they dub as the 'Nexus 6', and it does not look too bad at all.  Looking at the design, it is clear that the designers expect Google to go with a flexible glass display, similar to the LG G Flex.  On top of that, the designers have also given a list of what they feel are the most likely internal specs that the next Nexus could ship with.  They say that it will have the next Snapdragon processor that clocks in at around 3GHz, 3GB of RAM, increased internal storage capacity starting at 32GB and going up to 128GB, a 13MP primary shooter that also allows for 4K video recording, a 5MP front facing camera for even clearer selfies, and the next version of Android, which they call Android 4.5 Lollipop (which is not confirmed at all and is, as with the rest of this, speculation).

As an owner of a Nexus 5, it is nice to see that this next rendition is hoped to improve on all the things I love about it.  The most important thing, and the I am most excited for, is the prospect of increased internal storage.  I have felt that the standard internal storage of smartphones, which has typically been 16GB, which ends up being less after you take OS software and default apps into consideration, has been too little for too long for the modern smartphone user.  I feel the minimum amount should be 32GB at least, given how the quality of things that we use data for has increased.  We listen to more music than ever, and if you are 'old-fashioned' like me and do not use a streaming service, then your phone can get clogged up with songs very quickly.  With HD videos becoming the current standard, it also means that they take up a lot more space, with a single movie capable of taking up anywhere between 1-2GB all by itself.


Regardless of that, how do you feel about this Nexus 6 concept?  Would you buy one if it looked like this and had the specs predicted?  Let us know that and any other thoughts in the comments!

Image Credit and Source:  AndroidSPIN

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