New Mod for the LG G2 on Android 4.4 Brings 4K Video Recording and 720p 120FPS Recording Capability

Sure the Galaxy Note 3 has 4K video recording, and when I reviewed it I stated that it didn't really need it. Which I still stand by that as we don't really have a way to watch 4K content yet. Unless you're one of the very few that have purchased a 4K TV or Monitor. But that doesn't mean we won't see more smartphones come out with 4K recording capabilities this year. Many were surprised that the G2′s camera didn't do 4K, even though it was a really great camera - and still is. However, once you upgrade to Android 4.4 - KitKat, there is a new mod that let's you do just that.

Thanks to XDA member xdabbeb, he's created a mod for the LG G2 on KitKat that creates a more flexible camera app. It also only works with stock or stock-based ROMs right now. It does not yet work with AOSP or CM-based ROMs for the LG G2. Some of the main things it does is brings us 4K recording to the G2, as well as allowing us to shoot in 720p at a whopping 120 frames-per-second. They've also added an Anti-Shaking video settings, HDR Video Mode, 1600 ISO Mode, and much more. It's amazing what developers can do with these cameras. Almost makes me wish LG had taken more time with the camera, as it was already a great one, and it's about to get even better with this new mod.

To install the mod, you will need to be rooted and have a custom recovery installed. They are recommending TWRP as CWM has not yet been tested, but realistically it should work with either custom recovery. You'll just need to flash the mod, like it's a ROM, but you don't need to clear data. Just wipe the cache and reboot.

With the LG G Pro 2 coming out in another month or so, we may see some more features from the G Pro 2 ported over with this mod, which is something I'd like to see. Especially since that camera is even better than the G2′s camera. How many of you are going to take the chance and flash this mod on your G2?

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