New Chromebooks On The Horizon From Asus? Maybe.

I just recently bought a Chromebook and decided to embrace the path of cloud computing. I am quite surprised that the relative ease of getting into a mode of using a Chromebook. Quite frankly, I couldn't be happier. From the speed of startup to the not needing to apply certain programs to get the job done, Chromebook has simply made my computing life much much easier. I have found that Google's belief certainly holds true in my case: Most of what we do is already done almost entirely online and as such there is very little need for bloatware from our old friends from Microsoft. Further, it just makes sense that if you're using Android, Chrome OS allows you to tie in so much of your digital life into one place. Combine that with Chromecast (which I also recently purchased) and you have a media consumption powerhouse that allows you to also get the job done when it comes to business. I'm not saying Chromebooks are perfect, but never the less despite their weaknesses, they manage to make the cut in my book.

We, here at Android Headlines, just recently covered that Toshiba has made their first Chromebook available. We also covered that Lenovo has released two Chromebooks for the education sector. So, let's take a look at the current list of manufacturers designing and marketing Chromebooks to the masses. We have HP with their HP Pavilion Chromebook and HP Chromebooks 11 and 14, Acer with their C7, C720 and C720P (touchscreen), Samsung with their Samsung Chromebook (renamed from Samsung Chromebook 3) and Samsung Chromebook 550 (no longer sold via, and Google with their ultra-expensive foray into the Chromebook arena with the Google Pixel Chromebook. These choices are not counting the Chromebox desktop options that Samsung provides.

With all of those options, consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to Chromebook maker and even more choices when it comes to the power and reliability under the hood. Well, it's not over yet folks as there is about to be a new player in Chromebook. Asus. Asus recently announced its Asus Chromebox desktop Chrome OS option this month, set to be released in March. Asus has just let out info that they are planning the release of two new Chromebooks as well; the C200 (an 11.6-inch model) and C300 (a 13-inch model) are in the works. Not much has been divulged in terms of specs or additional information, but the current information suggests that they will possibly run Intel processors. That seems to be the bulk of information coming out of Asus. l wonder what Asus' Chromebook will wind up looking like, how will it run and what kind of attention from users looking to switch will it garner? We will find out soon when Asus launches them.

I most certainly hope for the continued success of the Chromebook line of desktops, netbooks and laptops. They are literally a game-changer that I believe will change the face of computing as they become more accepted by schools, government, businesses and ultimately the consumer at large. So, what do you think about Asus launching into Chromebooks? Leave your interesting comments in the section below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages. Keep it locked to Android Headlines for more news and reviews.

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