Motorola's U.K. VP Talks Moto G And The Inspiration Behind It

Motorola has made a great many handsets, but none have achieved what the Moto G was able to do in it's so far short life span. Further, no other manufacturer has achieved what the Moto G has either. The goal to provide a great smartphone experience to the user without compromising the integrity of the quality in any way, but also without having to charge an extremely high price to do so, is something that other manufacturers should definitely take notice of from Motorola, as they have succeeded in giving consumers a low-cost budget handset, that not only was made up with great build quality, but got users updated to the newest version of Android quickly, to give them the best user experience possible with the OS. The guys over at Androidbeat were lucky enough to get the scoop from  Motorola's U.K. VP and Vodafone U.K. on what the inspiration was behind the budget smartphone. In the interview they were able to get the rundown of the story behind the device, shedding some light on Motorola's plan to offer consumers a new option when faced with the choice to buy a new low cost handset.

Motorola revealed that they had two goals from the get go that they wanted to meet in order to make sure they could give consumers the best experience possible. The first was to make sure that they were able to deliver a device that didn't forfeit decent hardware. On top of this, Motorola knows that software updates are important and they wanted to provide them for users. Shortly after the Moto G's release, they made good on their word and started providing users with the OTA software update to the newest version of Android which is Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Typically before the release of the Moto X and the Moto G, and save for the couple GPE devices, the Nexus Line of phones were the only ones to get updates to newer versions of Android so promptly as they were made available. The Moto G has helped people realize(and hopefully helped other OEMs realize as well) that updates can be delivered quickly. Motorola was able to help facilitate this in part because the Android OS on the Moto G was left stock, but regardless of that they have shown that fast updates are possible. Hopefully this has helped changed the way updates may be implemented in the future. Even though Lenovo is now the owner of Motorola, their visions aren't changing, and they are still committed to providing future experiences like that of the Moto G. In the interview the VP had this to say about the Moto G:

"What we do is we run our devices on a vanilla version of Android, and on top of that we port a small number of high-impact applications. Vanilla Android is just a fabulous experience to start off with, but what we try to do is innovate with a small number new features.The idea there is that when we want to upgrade Android, we're not starting from scratch - we've got a core version of the software to build on. We think that's the best balance - keeping the Android experience pure, but adding on just a few new services that add value to make the device stand out."

Are you an owner of a Moto G? If so are you a proud owner and how do you like the experience? Are you looking forward to seeing what the next device Motorola has up it's sleeves?

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