Motorola Teases New Spotlight Player Story Titled "Buggy Night"


Motorola isn't just creative in their phones and tablets. They also create enjoyable and immersive experiences that you can have with your phone. On October 29th, Motorola launched their app "Motorola Spotlight Player", an app designed exclusively for the Moto X that used augmented reality to tell a story. Like the app Layar, the app used the motion of your phone to show you things that your eyes cannot see. In this case, these were stories being displayed on your phone.

The first story that they told was called "Windy Day". It was a little story that allowed you to move your phone around you and experience different parts of the situation. You followed a little mouse as it chased a hat around a windy environment. The story was both cute and imaginative, and it provided a very different way to play with your phone.


Motorola has teased yet another Spotlight story that will be known as "Buggy Night". It looks like it will feature a little bug that keeps getting illuminated by lights. The description for the trailer also states "when the sun goes down on Jon Klassen's forest, the hunt is on". Motorola didn't announce when users would be seeing the new story coming to their phones, but the trailer did state that it was "now playing on Moto X". The description also states that the story will be "coming soon".

Whenever the "Buggy Night" is available, it should automatically be pushed to the Moto X and you should get a notification for it. If you don't want to see these stories on the interactive spotlight player, the app does give you the option to uninstall it.

"Windy Day" was designed by Jan Pinkava, a director at Pixar. Motorola also goes so far as to state that "it's not a movie and it's not a game". I always look forward to seeing new advances in what technology can do, and it seems as though augmented reality is only getting better. With pieces of technology like the Oculus Rift, it's definitely amazing to see where we're heading with gaming and entertainment. Motorola might just be onto something here.


Of course, we'll keep an eye out for this new story whenever it hits the Moto X.

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