MOTA Smart Watch Available For $50 Through Groupon, Already Sold Out

In my recent AH Primetime article, I spoke a lot about how the key for the smartwatch industry is that they need to get their prices down in order to be appealing to the mass market.  People can justify spending hundreds of dollars on a smartphone, as cell phones have always been an expensive industry.  Watches, on the other hand, are rarely in the multi-hundred dollar price range, especially those that are mass-produced and sold widely.  The Pebble smartwatch is not that bad, coming in at $150 for the cheapest model with more advanced models available, but ideally we would like to see a smartwatch that is no more pricey than $125.  A new option, the MOTA Smart Watch is a basic smartwatch option that is currently available through Groupon for a promotional price of $50, as opposed to the normal price of $80.  Unfortunately this watch is already sold out at the promotional price, but the normal market price is not that bad.  This smartwatch does not have all the functionality of the Pebble or other more expensive options, but as it is about half the price of the cheapest alternative, this is to be expected.

The MOTA cannot support third-party apps, nor does it have a fancy ePaper display.  The MOTA is very straightforward in what it can do.  It can pair with Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth connectivity, vibrate to let you know of incoming calls, display caller ID and/or incoming numbers for said calls, and has basic media control.  It also has a feature to prevent phone loss, utilizing a proximity program to vibrate if you move more than five feet about from the connected device, which could be most helpful for the more forgetful users out there.

While I would personally like to see some integration with SMS or MMS, which is how most people do communication nowadays anyway, it is nice to see that our options in the smartwatch field are becoming more consumer friendly.  I honestly feel smartwatches will be a 'race to the bottom', with manufacturers looking to provide the best service at the cheapest price, and it certainly looks like the MOTA is following that path.  What do you think?  Will you be picking on of these bad boys up?  If so, check out the MOTA online store here.  Or will you wait for more options to come out?  Let us know in the comments!

Source:  liliputing

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