Monthly Plans From Aio Wireless Get Updated, Offering Basic, Smart, And Pro Plans

No contract service plans seem to be quite popular these days, perhaps due in part to T-Mobiles initiative to change the industry with it's UN-carrier plans. Aio Wireless has just recently updated their own no-contract plans, and starting now customers who wanted a plan with no ties to a contract can sign up for a Basic plan, Smart plan, or a Pro plan, giving them tailored pricing and options depending on what they need. All the Plans come with Unlimited minutes and messaging, but have varied amounts of data, which is where the range of prices comes from. The plans start as low as $40 and go up to $60, so if you browse a little or a lot, there's a plan that should fit your needs.

You can choose to go with the Basic plan, which gives you Unlimited minutes, Unlimited messaging, and a small amount of high speed data, with just 500mb of usage.(which use to be 250mb) This plan is definitely geared towards the consumers that will be using very little data or are literally around wifi all the time. Cough up $40 a month, and you can get yourself on a Basic plan from Aio Wireless. Sign up for the Autopay, and you can save an additional $5 a month, making this a cheap $35. Next up is the Smart plan, which gives you the same Unlimited minutes and messaging, but comes with 2.5GB of data instead, which more than twice the amount of data that you'll get on the Basic. The Smart plan used to cost $45, and only came with 2GB of data before, so this is a win for everyone. You can also get the Autopay savings here too.

Last but not least, there's the Pro plan, which will cost you $60,($55 if you sign up for Autopay) and you'll get the same Unlimited minutes and messaging as the first two plans, and it comes with double the data amount of the Smart plan, giving you access to 5GB of high speed data a month. It's worth noting that the Pro plan used to cost $70, but you also had an allotment of 7GB of data per month. So you save $10, but your plan data gets scaled back by a whole 2GB. If you can live on 5GB of data a month, then you can't go wrong with the Pro plan. For comparison data wise, I'm on the T-mobile monthly plan that has 5GB of data as well, and even though I use close to 20GB of data a month on my Nexus 4 alone, most of it is on Wifi, so 5GB can be more then enough. If you're interested in one of these plans from Aio Wireless, check your local area to see if there's any locations close by. Aio Wireless is regional, and is available in the following states: Washington, California, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and New York. If you live in one of those states and want to sign up, search for the closest retail store.

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