Microsoft is "Less Excited" about the Nokia X, Nokia's 5th #GreenDuck Teaser

Joe Belfiore1

Mobile World Congress isn't just about Android, the other platforms are there too. That includes the likes of Microsoft and even Tizen. The guys at PhoneArena had a chance to sit down with an Senior Executive at Microsoft and ask them about the Nokia acquisition. We all know how much Microsoft dislikes Google, if you need proof just search for "scroogle" and you'll see what we mean. In fact, we've been saying internally that the Nokia X is going to be the Nokia Scroogle Phone.

Microsft's Senior Executive Joe Belfiore stated that "They [Nokia] will do some things we're excited about, and some things we're less excited about." Obviously the less excited hints at the Nokia X. As Nokia X is expected to be announced tonight (well tomorrow Barcelona time), and it's pretty much confirmed that it will not have any Google apps or services on-board at all. Basically Nokia is taking a page out of Amazon's book and are forking Android.


Belfiore went on to say that they went to glorify Nokia, boasting about the "terrific engineering relationship" the company has with Microsoft, and being "proud of the work" they do together. Nokia is expected to announced two other Android phones this year, alongside the Nokia X. It's going to be interesting to see how Nokia pulls it off, and what Microsoft has to say about it once it's launched in the hands of the consumer.

Nokia also launched the fifth teaser of the #GreenDuck videos today, which you can see at the bottom of this post. It's a 7-second long video basically saying there's 1 day left until the unveiling of the Nokia X. Which should be happening at 11:30pm PST tonight, or 2:30am EST tomorrow morning. We'll be covering that as well. Hopefully it's better than what all the leaks have been showing us lately. But we'll have to wait a little more than 12 more hours to see.


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