The Man Behind Dashclock Releases New Live Wallpaper Called Muzei


Many of you will know Roman Nurik, the man behind the infamous Dashclock widget which brought some of the best functionality to our lockscreens ever. Well, now he's back with another app that just hit the Play Store called Muzei, and it's a Live Wallpaper. You've probably seen coverage of the app making the roads and you might be thinking, "What makes this so special?". I've been playing around with Roman's latest app and I have to say, I'm mighty impressed. Not because it's a live wallpaper, but more because of how it does things and what it allows me to do. First off, the app is called Muzei as that's the Russian for Museum, and the main premise of the app is to give you a new piece of art on your homescreen every 24 hours. Aesthetically Muzei blurs photos on your background in order to keep your widgets and such readable, but you can adjust the blur in the settings. A double-tap on your homescreen will turn your wallpaper into its pin-sharp original for a few moments.

So, it cycles wallpapers with featured artwork from all over the world. That's neat, but what else? Well, it's one of the easiest ways to create your own playlist (of sorts) containing your favorite images. That's why I like Roman's new app so much. You can choose as many photos as you want, how often the app cycles them to your homescreen and it's all done through just a few clicks. This is great for someone like myself who's a bit of photography nut, it's a closet hobby of mine and it's important to me. High-resolution displays like that of my Nexus 5 help me appreciate great photography as my wallpaper and I am constantly changing these images around. With Muzei, I don't have to. I can easily set a mix of favorite photos I've taken, my friends have taken or that I've found through other background apps.


The app is as simple and clean as you'd expect, and this is definitely an app built with stock Android users in mind – there's even support fro KitKat's immersive mode when viewing artwork. It's not perfect though, and I'd personally like a few extras, but it has only just been released. For me personally, I would like to be able to remove blur altogether and have the option to have wallpapers fixed in portrait mode. Still though, overall it's a great new app and it serves a simple need with little fanfare or issue. You can take a look at the gallery below for some more screenshots and find the app in the source link below.

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