Loyal Customers Awarded Special Plans By Verizon

If you're a customer in good standing at Verizon Wireless, than it seems you have some perks coming your way that Verizon plans to offer you. Big Red has cooked up an idea to put in motion a program to keep from losing customers, by providing those who have been loyal and paid their bills on time, with "loyalty plans" in hopes to keep them from potentially writing the carrier a "break up letter". The new plans are poised to offer something that could tempt customers into staying should they have any thoughts of leaving the wireless carrier. The plans are reportedly not going to be something that Verizon will openly offer, but instead be used as a fallback, for example, to be used in the case of a customer who is irate and might be thinking of switching.

Carriers often have some sort of program such as this in place to keep customers from breaking their contracts or switching carriers, T-Mobile has even had loyalty programs and plans like this one in the past. So far, there have been no details given out about what the loyalty plans will offer, we only really know that they won't be openly advertised. However, if you're currently on Verizon and are planning to switch, be aware that once these plans go into effect, the company will most likely try and save you as a customer by offering the upcoming loyalty plans. There is no mention of a date when these plans are to start either, however there are some rumors floating around that the plans will offer something to the tune of unlimited voice and messaging with a set 2GB of data per month for a low cost around $60.

When Verizon puts this program into motion, should you get the offer from VZW, be aware that it will require a 1-year renewal of your contract to change, and if you go over on your data limit, you'll be charged the standard amount of $10-$15 per GB of overage since there's no hotspot support. The plan also changes slightly depending on who is receiving the offer, so make sure to inquire about every detail.

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