Looks Like You're Stuck With The Magazine UX On The Tab Pro And Note Pro

Last week we reported that Samsung had apparently entered into an agreement with Google, to do away with the Magazine UX on it's upcoming line of Pro tablets. As it turns out, the "magazine UX" is a non-removable feature from the Tab Pro and Note Pro devices. Whether it is just impossible to turn off the Magazine UX for now or if it's a permanent thing is still unknown, and we also have no idea whether or not this would bother Google as it sounds like it's breaking the agreement. However it's possible that the agreement could be to push out a software update sometime down the road that removes the Magazine UX from those tablets. Since the tablets are scheduled to drop on Feb 13th, it may have not been possible to turn off the Magazine UX in time for release, but these are just uncertainties and speculations.

The entire series of Pro tablets is available for pre-order starting today, with all the Pro tablets but the 12.2 inch coming out by the day before Valentine's Day. According to a Samsung spokesperson, You can't turn off the Magazine UX, but you can get rid of it in a way. You can delete the Magazine UX screens from your home screen and re-add homes screen panels, which sounds like it essentially turns off the Magazine UX. While that is possible, you have to keep at least one Magazine UX screen on your home screen at all times. So in reality if you have 5 home screen panels, you can have 4 normal ones and one Magazine UX home screen panel, or so it seems.

If this is the case, at least the option is there to get rid of it slightly. Then if you don't care for the Magazine UX all that much at least you can bypass that one home screen panel all the time and never have to look at it. Hopefully in the future there will be some sort of update that replaces it, so you can truly turn it off altogether. The official statement was "To continue our momentum of delivering great user experiences and bringing greater value to people's lives, Samsung will continue to identify and provide differentiated and innovative service and content offerings on our mobile devices." Just looking at the Magazine UX it's no wonder Google isn't fond of it, because it looks nothing like Android at all. Even Samsung's usual UI Touchwiz has some inkling of Android peeking through. The Magazine UX however has a style all it's own and we all know Google likes the Android OS to at least appear to be Android. What do you think of the Magazine UX? Do you love it or hate it? Are you somewhere in between?

Source: Phone Arena

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