Looking for Facebook's Paper on Android? You're Going to Need to Wait Awhile

Facebook has launched their new news app for iPhone called Paper. So far, the reviews have been promising, and it is interesting to see how well received it has been so far. Essentially it is a revamped version of Facebook Mobile, but the old Facebook app remains in the app store. Though the app has not been released on Android, so why are we talking about it now? Well it may be on it's way.

Before, we didn't really have any word on whether the app would be available on Android or not, but word has broken to Pocket-Lint, that the app is coming. All Facebook asks, is that we be patient while waiting for the arrival. Sources are saying that the reason they have only released the app on iPhone, is because it is still testing it out. If you recall past apps or extensions Facebook has released, like Facebook Home, you will remember the app was a failure.

In an attempt to play things close to the chest, Facebook liked the idea of releasing to iPhone users only, before an international or Android release. Even further, they only have a small team of developers working on the project, that way all issues can be addressed properly.

The team consists of 15 people, who are collecting all the feedback. Those 15 designers and developers are a part of a new division of Facebook, called Creative Labs. The sole purpose as of right now is the development and support to the new Facebook Paper app, since that is the only app to come out from the new sector. Though there are plans to release other apps, according to the source that, "support the diverse ways people want to connect and share."

Though, this is only bad news if you are anxiously waiting to use the new app on Android. Since the team is so small, it will take some time before the app is fully running the way they would like to see. In turn, that time transfers to other platforms and countries as well. Which could be looked at as a good thing. It seems as though Facebook wants to make sure they get everything right before expanding the project. Plus, this means there are no deals made behind the scenes or any exclusivity going on.

Is this new app something you are anxious to try on Android, or would you rather wait until the app is made "perfect" by Facebook standards?

Source: Pocket Lint

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