LG's homeBoy Station Provides Home Entertainment To The Gpad 8.3

LG wants to be your homeboy, or rather they want the homeBoy Station to be your Gpad's homeboy. As confusing and ridiculous as that statement may have sounded, LG has been showing off their latest device to partner with the LG Gpad 8.3 at MWC today. The homeBoy Station is a little device that reminds us of a set of Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers, which is actually part of what this device provides, but it's much more then that. The Homeboy is literally a tiny entertainment system for the LG Gpad 8.3. You can dock your Gpad into it in landscape mode and it sits almost upright with just a bit of an angle. Once connected, the Homeboy is your source of audio for anything that the tablet would output sound for. So all your music, movies, games, and other videos are heard through the speakers on the homeBoy. Sounds pretty great so far right? We thought so too. How is this not just a set of Bluetooth wireless speakers? Because you can also connect the Homeboy up to your TV, and mirror anything that is happening on the tablet while the speakers integrated into the homeBoy play your audio.

The mirror feature is the sole reason this piece of equipment sounds like a winner. Bluetooth speakers are great, even better when the audio quality is fantastic. But, if you pair the capability to mirror content from a tablet to a larger screen in with the speakers then that makes it all the more worth while. I could see myself spending countless hours playing games on the Gpad with this thing connected to the TV, while using a gamepad and relaxing back on the couch. The homeBoy also has NFC support, and it looks to have all your audio controls right on the top of the device. From what we can see in the images taken by Android Central, there is a volume management dial, and an Equalizer button so you can swap out different bass and tones to whatever sound is coming out, giving your music, movies, or games their own unique sound. For all that it does which may be just a few things, the homeBoy Station looks to be a pretty sweet little device. There wasn't any mention on how much this things will cost or when it will be available, but if you own a Gpad 8.3 it might be worth looking into.

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