LG's Fitness Tracker Earphones Get Approved By The FCC


Fitness wearables have become quite the popular thing as of late, with companies like Fitbit and Jawbone coming up with their own fitness centric wearables to compete with the ever popular Nike Fuel Band. LG even has their own wearable coming up which should get a release this year called the LG lifeband touch, a wrist worn band that they debuted at CES this year. Along with the Lifeband Touch they also showed us a pair of earbuds that can do more than just let you hear your music. The earbuds actually monitor and track your heart rate, which would add a certain beneficial level of health to your regular fitness activities. It seems that we might see these earbuds from LG pop up on the market soon thanks to a recent filing listed at the FCC website.

Having a pair of earbuds that can track your heart rate would allow for the user to keep a watchful eye on their health while engaging in fitness activities. The earbuds are powered by Bluetooth technology, so they would connect to your device wirelessly, allowing you to keep it in your pocket. The technology behind the heart rate sensing comes from a company called Valencell, which has also partnered up with iRiver to produce a different pair of hear rate monitoring earbuds that work in very much the same way. The upcoming earphones from iRiver and Valencell look fairly close to the Bluetooth powered earbuds from Motorola called the Motorola Buds, while this pair from LG looks more like a regular set of earbuds that plugs directly into the Bluetooth unit that connects to your smartphone.

LG hasn't mentioned anything about a price point or an exact release date for their new earbuds but the launch date shouldn't be too far off and consumers should be able to get their hands on the new tech sometime in the near future. While the earbuds do provide an added health benefit to your active lifestyle, we wonder how the sound quality will be on these things. Will it compare to what we're already using? Will they be better? If they meet somewhere in the middle, will the currently unknown price justify the purchase over another product? Would you use these earbuds over another pair you're currently using or a pair that you have your eye on?


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