LG UK Shows How Jelly Bean Stacks Up Against Kit Kat On The G2

The Lg G2 has been one of the better phones to come from LG recently, but we can't help but wonder just how well it might perform while running Kit Kat in contrast to a model that's running Jelly Bean. Thanks to LG UK and their steadfast dedication to provide us with a look into the results, we now have a nice little video that they uploaded to YouTube, that gets right down to the details of performance improvements of one VS. the other. For those of you that already own the LG G2 and reside in the UK, Android 4.4.2 is scheduled to be rolled out to users in the region sometime in the middle of March, so after watching this video you'll know exactly what to expect after updating your own device to the newest version of the Android OS.

Among the obvious UI changes, and the few new features that come along with Kit Kat, LG UK lays out the performance upgrades that user should expect, including battery performance as well overall performance boosts in many places that users won't really notice. One of the things they outline in the video though is the performance increase that users should see when they tap to open apps. According to LG UK, the overall performance increase totals 17% over LG G2 devices that are running the older Jelly Bean versions of Android compared to those that run Kit Kat. You may have been expecting that number to be a bit higher, but a 17% boost in this area is pretty good, and you should notice a difference.

Among all the tests that LG UK completed and recorded, some of the more noticeable ones as shown in the video, display the difference in response to touch when activating the screen through the "knock on" feature, as well as load times for webpages and browser speeds, and load times for YouTube videos. In all accounts the LG G2 running Kit Kat has quite a surprising and substantial boost over the model running Jelly Bean. The speed boosts that users will get will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting parts of this update that's slated to roll out in the next few weeks. Another obvious performance change that users will be able to see is the speed at which the camera view finder comes up after tapping on the camera app icon. When you get right down to it, Kit Kat really does provide some incredible performance increases. Thanks LG UK for putting this video up to show users what to expect. 

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