LG Applies For Weird Patent For A Wrap Around, Wrist-Worn Stylus

I think it's time we all journeyed back to the 90's for just a moment. It was a time when Smartphones were non-existent. People wore weird clothes and we all were probably into some weird trend. One in particular comes to mind though when I take a look at this new patent that LG has up on the USPTO. Slap bracelets. You all know what im talking about. They came in all different colors and styles, and people used to spend hours during the day slapping them on and off their wrists. Is LG having an attack of nostalgia here? All jokes aside, this is more than likely LG's idea of how to enter the smartwatch market that is upon us, or at the least a variation of some ideas they might have planned for the future of it.

The patent that LG has applied for is for a flexible and capacitive stylus that is worn around your wrist or arm, and it has smartwatch like functions built into it. So imagine that you're reading a message with your "smartwatch", then you need to respond back, so you just take it off your wrist and use the stylus part to write on screen of whatever device you're carrying, hit send, then slap it back around your wrist and go about your day. Ok, you probably wouldn't want to "slap" it on but you get the idea. We may never see this product hit shelves, but it's an interesting idea to say the least and we applaud LG's out of the box thinking.

What's cool here is the pairing of the stylus and smartwatch in one device. Sure it's odd now, but think about if this took off. It wouldn't be so odd anymore, and the functionality is actually quite practical. You could have a smartwatch, activity tracker, and stylus all in one easy to carry device that you wear, so there's less of a fear of losing it. The patent describes the body of the wearable to be made of conductive material, and being configured to become elastically deformed until the wearer chooses to deform it back to a non-flexed state. The other really cool thing is the existence of a small display that can relay certain portions of information to the user from a connected device, like the time, and notifications. We've already seen LG's wearable that they showed off at CES called the Lifeband touch, so this could be the next iteration of what they want out of the wearables market. To combine the lifeband touch with other smart functions that people would actually use. What do you think about this idea of a Flexible wrist worn stylus/smartwatch? Would you use something like this if it were ever sold?

Source: USPTO| Via: Unwired Review

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