LG G3 Might Give Samsung's Galaxy S5 A Run For Its Money In South Korea


As we head toward the Mobile World Congress – which takes place in Barcelona at the end of the month – all eyes are on Samsung and the expectation that it will announce the Galaxy S5. If the success of past handsets in the Galaxy series is anything to go on, the Galaxy S5 will probably be a hit with consumers around the world, but in South Korea, Samsung could have a challenger in LG for dominance of the smartphone market. According to ZDNet Korea, consumers could potentially consider the rumored LG G3 to be something of a "Galaxy S5 killer."┬áThat's a little bit surprising, because you don't often hear people saying a company like LG might be able to hold its own against a giant like Samsung in the smartphone space. However, if the rumors we've been hearing about the G3 prove to be true, LG could have a really alluring device on its hands. The G3 is said to come equipped with a quad HD screen, which would put the 5.5-inch display's resolution at an impressive 1440 x 2560. We'd previously heard that the Galaxy S5 would have a similar quad HD display, but now new reports are saying that won't be the case.

That's not to say the Galaxy S5 is going to suffer for its lack of quad HD, but with those who care about super crisp visuals, it may tempt them away from Samsung's flagship and over to LG's. The things we've heard about the G3 so far have been exciting, so it doesn't seem like to too far of a stretch to say that some South Korean consumers would opt for it over the Galaxy S5. But now comes the question of release windows: we've heard whispers of a May launch for the LG G3, which means it could hit the market a little behind the Galaxy S5 if an MWC 2014 announcement is indeed planned. However, keep in mind that the last three Galaxy S devices have stuck to an April-May launch window, so if LG is planning to launch sometime in May, we may see both handsets hit the market within a short time frame.


Of course, speculation is never hard to come by, while actual facts are significantly more rare. The takeaway from all of this is that we should wait until we have concrete details about both devices, but LG is certainly a company to keep an eye on if it is planning a follow-up to the G2. Hopefully we'll see both devices revealed before long, with those details we all crave coming shortly after. Stay tuned.

Source: ZDNet Korea|Via: PhoneArena

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