LG G2 Mini Being Announced at Mobile World Congress? How Small Will LG Go?

lg g2 mini

LG has made some huge strides in mobile in the last two years. It all started with the Optimus G and Nexus 4. Which they continued with the likes of the Optimus G Pro, Nexus 5 and the G2. I’d even count the G Flex in there as well. The LG G2 was one of my favorite phones of 2013, even though it’s not my current daily driver, it’s still an amazing phone. On Wednesday, LG began teasing the LG G2 Mini on their Facebook page, which we had previously seen go through the Bluetooth SIG last week.

According to LG’s page “Experience the MINI. Mobile World Congress. 2014-02-24.” So that basically confirms that LG is announcing the G2 Mini at Mobile World Congress, making the 24th a very busy day because we also have Samsung announcing their Galaxy S5, and there are also Sony and Motorola events that day. Why do we think it’s the G2 Mini? Well because, as you can see in the picture above they are showing this “MINI” next to the G2, and it looks exactly like it, just smaller.

The G2 is an amazing looking phone, and the G2 Mini most likely will be too. Our only question is, just how small will LG go? Usually a Mini is about 4.3-inches in display size. But with the LG G2 being mostly all display, they could probably go to a 4.5-inch display and still keep the phone the same size as all the other Mini’s out there like the HTC One Mini, and the Xperia Z1 Compact. It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of specs LG puts into the G2 Mini as well. Usually we see a bit more of a mid-range spec sheet for these mini’s except for in the case of the Xperia Z1 Compact and the Motorola DROID Mini. Hopefully they follow the examples of Motorola and Sony this time around.

How many of you are interested in a LG G2 Mini? Let us know in the comments below.