LG G Pro 2 to Feature Improved Speakers; Give HTC's BoomSound Something to Worry About?


We've been hearing quite a lot coming out of Korea when it comes to the upcoming LG G Pro 2 and while a lot of it is more than likely going ot turn out false, it's fun to see what could be. The way things are shaping up, if they're true, the G Pro 2 could be one beast of a smartphone. With its display rumored to cover 77.2% of the phone thanks to 0.4mm thin bezels, it's clear that LG is focusing on attention to detail with the G Pro 2. Now, we're hearing that this latest device from LG could be one of the few devices to give HTC's BoomSound a run for its money. If you'll remember, the HTC One line of phones all feature BoomSound, which is essentially a pair of speakers which are powered by a built-in amplifier. We're still talking about phone speakers here, but HTC made the One sound more like a portable sound system than any other smartphone last year.

According to Korean publication ETNews, the G Pro 2 will feature 1W speakers, which doesn't like much at all, but this is a smartphone we're talking about here. According to the report, the G Pro 2 will also feature a thickened bass booster as well. Overall, these improvements could lead to as much as a 30% improvement in sound quality over the last G Pro. This isn't the first time that LG has focused on audio quality in a phone, last year's G2 featured 24-bit "high-resolution" playback that would make listening to sound through headphones and such a much better experience. All of this is nice to see – and hear? – and hopefully, the G Pro 2 will live up to these rumors we've been hearing. As always though, there's a chance that wires have been crossed and that these rumors never turn true.


As media consumption in smartphones and tablets becomes the norm, it's only natural to see people like LG up their game when it comes to their smartphones and tablet. The G Pad 8.3, features some impressive sound for a tablet and with the G Pro line all about size and performance, better audio will be greatly appreciated by many.

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