More Leaks Of The HTC M8 Boasting Authenticity


We know that you're probably all sick of the HTC M8 image leaks at this point, but just to add a little more fuel to the fire here's one more photo to get you hyped or infuriated over the matter. So far there have been leaks of what appears to be the phone itself, leaks of the dual-lens camera on the back with the dual-LED flash, leaks of the new Sense version and the new Blink Feed design, leaks of the on screen navigation buttons at the bottom of the display, and now another leaked image of the next HTC flagship boasting it's authenticity. We're not sure how you feel about all these, but frankly it's getting to be a little ridiculous. Leaks are all well and good but there comes a time when it gets to be too much and it just needs to stop. That having been said, this newest leak shows what the successor to the HTC One is supposed to look like from the front end. We have already seen one photo leak of the alleged HTC M8 a week or two ago. This one doesn't look too much different, but looks different enough that it seems more legitimate than the last one. Still, this is just a leak and until all the facts come out, we're reserving judgement and taking this with a grain of salt, and we suggest you do the same.

In this particular image, we see a few things as pointed out by phonearena that actually make sense as to why it's possible this could be an image of the M8. I will restate the obvious keyword in that last sentence though, which is "possible", and not for certain. The shape is overall longer and more narrow then the original HTC One, which would point to it being a new device. However it wouldn't be an impossible feat to skew the image without ruining it's integrity and making it look obviously tampered with. The other details pointed out are the use of the Chinese characters on screen which are said to be the very same Chinese characters used in Taiwan where HTC is based. It's certainly a detail that would have us believe without question that this is in fact the HTC M8, but once again, it isn't something that absolutely can't be faked.  The last detail that is worth mentioning is the existence of what looks like an LED indicator light for incoming notifications, resting comfortably between the Boomsound speaker up top and the front facing camera. The image comes courtesy of a Hungarian tech blog that has been responsible for other various leaks of the HTC M8. So there you have it. One more leaked image that may, or may not be the next HTC flagship device that goes by many names. What do you think of the image? Does it seem authentic to you or is there something blatantly obvious that we missed in the viewing that points to a mock up?

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