Leaked "Desire 8" Render Shows off Better-Looking Mid-Ranger from HTC



With HTC's final quarter results of 2013 not looking all that great, the company has promised a renewed effort on the mid-range front. According to the Taiwanese company, better servicing the mid-range and low-end will help to become profitable once again. While we can't fault that logic, there's a lot of movement when it comes to mid-range devices, especially in Asia. Still, we can't help but think that HTC is perhaps falling into the same trap they used to be in here in the West. More and more devices won't entice customers, in fact it could do the exact opposite. Nevertheless, yet another Desire device has leaked out of China, and this time around, HTC seem to upping their game when it comes to looks.


With a 5.5-inch display (resolution unknown), a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter, the Desire 8 doesn't sound all that bad on paper. It's got dual-SIM support and will apparently be launching in a handful of colors, ranging from white, yellow and red to cyan and orange. As you might expect, the Desire 8 features stereo front-facing speakers as well, which has now become a signature of their devices. On a 5.5-inch device, these speakers should work well, especially if the display turns out to be a 720p or better panel. One curious specification that's yet to be answered is just what CPU is powering the Desire 8. Hopefully, HTC decide to go with something like a Snapdragon 400 as a 5.5-inch device could certainly do with some added umph.

Engadget has noted that the screenshot in the render mentions March 18th as a reveal date for the device, so maybe next month we'll have more info on the device, but as usual we wouldn't expect this Desire to be found outside of Asia. Or at least not in the West, as there's not as much profit to be had in the West when it comes to budget-minded devices.

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