Korean LG G2 Getting Android 4.4.2 Update Right Now!

Many of us have been skeptical about when LG would push out the KitKat update to the LG G2, as they haven't had the best track record with updates. LG wanted to have the update out in their homeland of Korea by the end of January - and much like HTC, it appears they missed it by only a few days. According to Phone Arena's tipster, the update has been rolling out over the last few days, bringing the device up to Android 4.4.2. What's interesting, but probably not surprising though, is that ART is available.

For those that don't know what ART is, it's Android RunTime. Ever since the beginning of Android, we've been using Dalvik as our runtime, which is adequate, but it's time to move on to something better. The main advantage for ART is that it'll make your phone faster and give you better battery life. Instead of using "Just-in-time" to compile the apps, ART uses "ahead-of-time". So it should make your device a bit faster, although right now it seems to be a placebo affect. But I'd expect that to change pretty soon.

What's also interesting is if you look in the notification bar of the screenshot down below, you'll notice that the icons are no longer blue (which I disliked that shade of blue so much) and they are now Kitkat-white. LG isn't the first OEM to do that with their Android 4.4.x update. Samsung has also done that with their Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO tablets they announced at CES last month. It's nice to see that as it does look much, much better than the blue color they were using before.

So now for the burning question, when will we see the update here in the US? Well more than likely it's in the carriers hands now. Which means we have to wait for them to finish certifying the update before it gets sent out. Hopefully that won't take too long though.

Source: Phone Arena

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