Kit Kat Theme And Style Could Make Its Way Into The Samsung Status Bar

For as long as we can remember Samsung devices have, like many other OEM devices, had their own unique style and tend to take on a little bit of a different look when it comes to the phones UI and styling details of the Home Screen, status bar, nav bar, etc. That could all soon be changing, as a leaked image has popped up on the web showing what looks to be the status bar(known to many as the notification bar up top) with a more transparent design than we're used to seeing with Samsung devices. In fact Samsung phones have never had any sort of transparency showing in the status bar before, and instead have always had the black bar with colored notification icons telling us what sort of notifications we have and from what apps. This new status bar image(if legitimate) could be giving us a glimpse at what to expect from a revamped version of the Touchwiz UI Samsung puts on it's phones.

You'll notice along with the transparent color instead of the usual Black, the icons for the notifications as well as the status of the battery, the Network connection and the amount of signal bars, the time, and the sound profiles are all white as well. So it would seems that a potential future refresh of the Touchwiz style could mean that Samsung is trying to make their phones look a little more like the design Google wanted out of Kit Kat. Those who already have an Android device that's running Kit Kat or have seen one know that the general color theme is white and transparent. It'll be nice to see Samsung phones having some stuff fall more in line with the design and style of the current version of the Android OS, and hopefully Samsung will show this off along with the stuff they have to show us at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. This is a small change when you take into account the many other differences we could see from the new Touchwiz, but any small design changes like this one are still nice to have for those who like some of the stock Android design features. If this is really the new look of the Samsung status bar, do you like it over what we're used to seeing?

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