HTC Send Out "Save the Date" Cards for March 25th Event; Probably to Launch a New a Flagship



Mobile World Congress is fast approaching, but there’s been a company for the last couple of years that we haven’t really seen much from at the conference, and that’s HTC. That’s because HTC have been doing things on their own these past couple of years, launching the HTC One last year on their own, outside of any major event. There’s a good reason a company like HTC does this sort of thing, it pretty much guarantees you control of the news cycle for that day, barring any major mobile news torpedoes you, and it also helps you stand out for yourself once more. Instead of being counted along with everyone else at an event, HTC will be standing tall on their own announcing what is more than likely to be the next  HTC flagship.

The Taiwanese company has sent out save the date cards for Tuesday, March 25th which is a little over a month away from now and is a few weeks after Mobile World Congress comes to an end. So far though, there’s little other news to suggest just when and where HTC will be announcing their latest products, but this news will more than likely be coming at a later date as things get finalized closer to the time. Of course, expectations are that HTC is to announce the follow-up to last year’s successful HTC One smartphone.

All signs are pointing to more of a refined and improved experience as oppose to a complete redesign of last year’s success. With a Snapdragon 800 and a 1080p display again rumored for this year, it doesn’t look as if HTC’s device will be taking home any points for the wow factor on specs. According to rumors, this year’s device is apparently to feature a second camera or possible finger print reader. However, that doesn’t mean that HTC won’t be producing an excellent all round product and we can’t wait to see what HTC has in store for us this year.